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Canada’s First Mobile Pawn

Pawn On Wheels

We’re excited to announce ‘PAWN ON WHEELS’ our newest service to better serve our community during these tough times.
We’re here to ease your mind with our new mobile pawn services.

Stay home and let the pawn mobile come to you

What’s the process?

  • Fill out the pawn on wheels form
  • We meet outside your home
  • Van is fully equipped to test and pawn all items
  • Payments are via E-Transfer (no cash handling in person)
  • Contracts are done on electronic devices and signed in person
  • We transport the items back to our secured storage.

    We also offer pick up & delivery service for items which have been pawned or purchased at our store. 

Request A Visit From Our Pawn On Wheels Vehicle

Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to confirm our visit.

Pawn On Wheels Request


    Phone Number


    Schedule Date

    Pickup Time


    Item Description


    Item Condition



    Booking fee

    .90 cents

    Per km


    Minimum charge


    Booking fee

    .90 cents

    a km


    minimum charge

    Please Contact Us To Get A Trip Estimate

    When pawning through our delivery service the trip does not have to be paid until time of pick up and will just get added to the total amount due.

    Services that Pawn On Wheels Offer:

    • We pawn at your location
    • We deliver your pawned items to your location
    • We deliver any item that you chose to buy over $50

    (please note that all delivery options must be paid by e-transfer or in person before hand)


    *** Please call the store for more details ***

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